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Hi Stefan

I am so blown away by how much hypnosis has helped me with my needle phobia. After 38 yrs of being petrified to the point of fainting and being unable to even sit in the waiting room of a medlab due to the smell of the place, today was the first time I had no problems at all.

The first thing I noticed was the lovely smell of the medlab (in complete contrast to my normal experience). Whilst in the waiting room I had no nerves, butterflies or anything.

Then when the needle went in it was exactly as you had said with just pressure being applied.

Normally I wouldn’t be able to move my arm after, this time it was as if nothing has happened

Definitely recommended!!!!

Thanks heaps Paula 🙂



“Working with Virin (for help with weight loss) over the three weeks enabled me to think about what my weaknesses or challenges were, address them by talking about them at the beginning of each session and then focus on removing them during the hypnotherapy. I now have the motivation to do exercise as well, instead of it feeling like it’s something I should do.
I felt more positive, encouraged and confident each time I came so that by the time I left each session, it felt like I was on some kind of natural high 🙂  & finally I was in control of food – not food being in control of me.
Virin was good to talk to, kind, relaxed and helpful.  He talked things through with me in a very easy way.  So being comfortable around someone straight away, is always a great start.  & then his hypnotherapy was amazing!” ~ Louise.

“My experience with Virin was a huge blessing in my life! He is a kind and authentic person who is brilliant at what he does. I went to see Virin to stop drinking, with this comes a lot of suppressed emotions.
I felt comfortable at all times even when feeling my most vulnerable. I look forward to working more with him in future.” ~ Tracy.

“This is the second best day of my life after the birth of my daughter……..”

“Really good, with surprising results”


Please note testimonials are the opinions of past clients and results may very between people.

“…… thanks ………………….. i have already given your name and website address to a few people i know who were so impressed….. and wanted to know how to contact you..”

“……………….it was great, Thanks Paul.”

“……….Thanks so much Paul”

“Sorry for not e-mailing you sooner…….I really wanted to say a big thank you for when you helped me”

“The process is simple…….and I would definitely recommended hypnosis with Paul…”

Please note testimonials are the opinions of past clients and results may very between people.

“It was really easy,. Paul was great to talk to…it was a great experience”

“Really Good. I didn’t know what to expect and I was thoroughly impressed. Paul was brilliant, genuine and caring.”

“…………………..I will be referring you to my friends who have anxiety!”


“Different than I expected. i thought I would be deep asleep. It was a great experience thank you.”

“Paul you are easy, approachable and comfortable to be around”

“It was good. I was not sure about it initially. I didn’t think it was going to work. I have been pleasantly surprised.”

“Paul has a relaxing way around him and I felt comfortable around him almost straight away..”

“……………………………very relaxing, Paul really made me feel at ease..”

Please note testimonials are the opinions of past clients and results may very between people.

“I found using hypnosis very easy, something I’d never experienced before and would defiantly recommend to others.. While working with Paul I feel totally comfortable and at ease.”

“Paul is very professional, easy to talk to & helpful. It was easy relaxing, well structured sessions. I had never done anything like this before & I felt well lead.”

“I found hypnosis to be very relaxing and better than expected. I found Paul to be an excellent counsellor, he is very patient and listens, then helps to resolve the issue.